Monday, 5 August 2013


NANJING means Southern City but in past many years ago its name has changed many was indeed such a good place that it was the capital city of a few dynasties.The most prominent one that i could remember is SunQuan,a legendary general made it the capital of his kingdom during the three Kingdoms period in year 229.
Another famous emperor of the Ming dynasty ZhuYuanZhang also made Nanjing as its capital but it as never known as Nanjing then.Its capital as Nanking during the rule of the KMT as Republic of China was shortlived with the defeat of the KMT and exodus to Taiwan.
Nanjing was even made more famous when Sun Yat Sen made it his base while overthrowing the Qing empire.SunYatSen mausoleum is a must see attraction here.
During the dark days of China when it was weak the Nanjing treaty was signed here when HongKong was placed under the british rule.
While in year 1937 the darkest moment in the history of China when the Nanjing massacre happened with the brutality of the invasion of the Japanese when more than 300000 chinese including women and children were killed in a space of 6 weeks.
There is a memorial hall to commemorate this strocities.
Confucius temple,Qinhuai river,Purple mountain observatory and the friendship bridge make up a long list of must sees in Nanjing.

Ultramodern G trains running at top speed of 350km/hr makes this 300kms journey a breeze in just under 11/2 to 2 hours.Cosy and spacious ,well maintained and clean.

 G trains can be taken from Shanghai main station or the Shanghai Hongqiao station to Nanjing South station or the Nanjing main station.









Due to the G trains it is even possible to do a day trip but it might be too much in a haste as Nanjing has much more to offer .An overnight stay would be more relaxed and enjoyable.


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