Thursday, 5 July 2012

having fun and be happy: shanghai in my eyes

having fun and be happy: shanghai in my eyes:

having fun and be happy: Truly celestial,a fitting mountain for the fairies...

having fun and be happy: Truly celestial,a fitting mountain for the fairies...: MOUNT HUANGSHAN                       ...

having fun and be happy: Truly celestial,a fitting mountain for the fairies...

having fun and be happy: Truly celestial,a fitting mountain for the fairies...: MOUNT HUANGSHAN                       ...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tongli,a legend on water and Suzhou gardens

TONGLI,with a history dating back a thousand years,literaaly transport you back to the past in the Ming ,Qing and Song dynasties.
Water,Bridges and canals form the backbone of this wonderful,colourful watertown.Each bridge has a name steeped in history ,like the peace and tranquility bridge,good luck bridge and lasting celebrations bridge.The oldest bridge is the Reflecting Origin bridge built during the Song dynasty 960-1279 while the smallest bridge is called the single step bridge which is only one and half meter in length.The bridges,canals and the reflections on the water with the unique building architecture are enough to mesmerize any tourist,arts lover and history& architecture enthusiates.
Getting to the Tongli from Shanghai is easy.
One could either choose to take the long distance buses from Shanghai directly to Tongli or the trains from one of the three train stations. In this instance we had opted to take the renowned G trains ,known for its speed.
Our departure was at the Shanghai Hongqiao train station.(metro lines 2 &10)Another easy point of departure is from the Shanghai Main Railway station.(metro lines 1,3 & 4)
The fastest G train from Hongqiao takes only slightly more than 20 minutes to reach Suzhou Main railway station.Another point of entry is the Suzhou Industrial Park Railway Station.
There are many trips between these two cities daily and your point of departure will largely depends on where you are staying.

                                               Hongqiao Railway Station,Shanghai
                                              Some restaurants at the Hongqiao Railway Station
                                           1st class seats in G trains

Speed,efficient and comfort


                                             SUZHOU Main Railway Station

                                             Go up escalator to the Bus Terminal.

   Signs to the destinations.Tongli can be reached either by buses or taxi.Journey time about 45 minutes.Taxi costs about 80Rmb.Buses costs 8Rmb but one can either choose to buy a ticket that includes the entrance fees(80Rmb) to Tongli town plus entrances to several sights.,not inclusive of the Sex museum.

                                                Go down escalator to the Taxi station

                                            Entrance to Tongli

                                             colourful entrance to the watertown

                                              Shops and restaurants selling local favourites

                                                many choices here

                                              My favourite,Dongpo rou.meaty but i like the skin most....

                                           cormorants for fishing

                                            Beautiful and lined by eating stalls

                                                Picture perfect...for hire to go around the town



                                                  SEX museum...Oooooo

                                                Sex museum

                                                      SEX museum

                                                  SEx Museum...WOW

                                           Dont miss the local food,cold dishes

                                                To Suzhou,back from Tongli.Suzhou are famous for the many classical gardens.To untrained eyes these may appear just like any chinese gardens but in reality there are many elements of fengshui,and history ,culture in the gardens.
Suzhou has a lot to offer other than the gardens like the Humble Administartors garden,Lingering garden,Lion Grove Garden,Garden of master of nets.Not to be missed are the Hanshan temple,Tiger hill,Panmen scenic area,Silk museum,Shangtang old streets.

                                             Going back to Shanghai Via the Suzhou main railway station.

                                               SUZHOU MAIN railway station


Our trip back to Shanghai by the G train to Shanghai Main Railway Station at Zhabei takes about 45 minutes.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Truly celestial,a fitting mountain for the fairies,Mount Huangshan


                                              HUANGSHAN CITY

                                               Huangshan city old street

                                                             minister's mansion

                                               ON THE TOP of the Huangshan mountain

                                           Cultural shows at Huangshan city

Place for the fairies

                                                        Medicinal hall


                                                  Mountain TOP MT.HUANGSHAN

                                                            on top of the world

                                             Daily utilities been carried up by strong legs......

                                                    SUNRISE,dont miss it even though need to wake up at 5am


                                           HELP for those who need it,wobbly knees...

                                                    HONGCUN VILLAGE



                                               Dedication goes a long long way......


                                                               Huangshan city




                                                           sunrise at 5am


                                                                 Hotel on mountain top

                                                          PICTURE PERFECT...HONGCUN VILLAGE

CONFUCIUS SAYS................................ahemmmm....filial piety,respecting elders mmmm

                                                            Hongcun village

                                                                    Huangshan hotel