Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Shanghai film park/Qibao

located at 4915 Beisong gong road Chedun town.
Old scenes of Shanghai in the 1930's and '40s.Here many of the famous and popular movies and tv series were shot and produced by the Shanghai film group.

Many tourists like to pose and take photos here.Frequently couples tying the knots have their wedding photos here.


Replicas of life size shikumen houses of Shanghai

Movies sidekicks and extras having a time out

Old Nanjing road makes pleasant and bring back memories of Shanghai tang days

A scene shooting on water



Some areas near to Waibaidu bridge at Hongkou

Here you can see movie making in reality

Metro line 9

Popular actress at scene

You can take metro line 9 to Songjiang xincheng and then take a cab or a bus for about 20 kms to the Shanghai film park,Chedun town.
Entrance fees is 50yuan and time opening at 0830 to 1630.

                                         QIBAO old town,
located in Minhang district dating back in years 960-1126 during the Song dynasty.
During the Ming and Qing dynasties it became prosperous and a thriving business center.Qibao is a chinese meaning for SEVEN TREASURES .
Some popular highlights here are the:
1) Qibao temple built in the year 907.The temple built with the Han and Tang dynasties characteristics.
2)CRICKETS fighting ar so popular here where they grow in its natural habitat.Crickets generals like the th fierciest like the Iron Sand and Blue referring to their colours of the neck and feet are hard to find.
3)Shadow Play especially during the golden weeks off.
4SNACKS like the glutinous rice Qibaogao,dried bean curd in lotus leaves (Hebaodoufugan),smoked toads(Xunlanhamo)and smelly tofu are among the various snack s here.
One can easily travel by metro line 9 from downtown to Qibao station and exit through gate 2.Walk for about 100 meters to the Qibao townOr take bus 92 at Shanghai Stadium or bus 87,91,92,513,735,748,803 Shangshe line,Nanjia line,Husong line or Huchen line.Get off at Qibao station.However the easiest is by the metro line 9.

Popular delicacy pork legs

Always my favourite smelly tofu


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